This year another urgent assortment of has-beens, never-were’s and drama cast-offs have been flung into the Australian wilderness to fund-raise for “charidee”, in spite of the fact that we realize it’s to get their countenances back on the case and bank a decent Christmas reward simultaneously. “I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here”, presently in it’s fifth manifestation, is one of the additionally engaging Reality TV shows and is auto accident TV at it’s stupefied best.

What other place ข่าวฟุตบอลwould you be able to see a respectably conspicuous media character canvassed in molasses and green ants, eating cockroaches and other “wilderness rarities” or dumped in a water tank encompassed by crocodiles and eels in an offer to protect a hailing vocation?

While the show has crowds wriggling as “that winged animal who used to be on television” crunches down another particularly filled out caterpillar to attempt to win dinners for hungry camp-mates confined to apportions of rice and beans, there are additionally a lot of wagering open doors for easy chair aficio

Here we will investigate the sprinters and riders and how they have on after the initial scarcely any days spent in the wilderness.


Best Price: 3/1 (Sporting Odds) 

Played “Rickaaay Butcher” in Eastenders on and off since 1989 however has spent the most recent couple of years running his café in France. He has been out of the media spotlight since his singing profession neglected to take off and conceded he was “exhausted” and seized the opportunity of showing up on the show. Ricky, sorry Sid, was promptly imparted as the bookie’s most loved to win as he seems to have the “everyman” quality that saw Phil Tufnell cavort to triumph in Series Two.


Best Price: 7/2 (Sporting Odds) 

Another ex cleanser “star”, Sheree’s character, Emmerdale’s “Tricia Stokes” was killed off very nearly three years back when a bar smokestack fell on her head during a strangely rough tempest, on Christmas Day of the entire days as bad it just so happens. From that point forward she has been bringing up her little youngsters and carrying on with the life of extravagance because of footballer spouse Harry Kewell’s £65,000 seven days wage.