Structure 25th to 27th of January the town of Pernik was sounded by ringers, drums, fables music and inconclusive, stunning commotion, originating from some abnormal individuals wearing hides, ladies outfits, interesting or truly frightening veils, and numerous colossal chimes around their abdomens. The focal strolling rear entryway was brimming with onlookers, viewing these insidious animals, bouncing like frantic and shaking their bodies in some ceremonial moves. The explanation behind this vivid reasonable was the twelfth issue of Surva – the International Festival of the Masquerade games, which happens in Pernik every year in January. Visit – เทศกาลสุดแปลก


The occasion accumulates mummers from everywhere the nation since 1966. It presents the disguise customs in the distinctive legends districts and keeps them alive. In the various pieces of Bulgaria the mummers are called Kukeri, Survakari, Babugeri and Dzhamilari. This old custom, which goes back from the Thracian occasions, turned out to be considerably more mainstream after 1985, when the celebration increased global occasion status. Furthermore, in 1995 the International Federation of Carnival Cities acknowledged the town of Pernik as its full part. From that point forward “Surva” is an intersection purpose of the mummers from everywhere the world and its most appealing component is the two-day march for gatherings from Bulgaria and abroad. The name of the celebration “Surva”, begins from “Survakane” one of the words that portrays the winter disguise games in Bulgaria.


Around 40 unfamiliar gatherings from 13 nations like Macedonia, Ireland, Slovenia and even from India participated in the celebration this year. The Bulgarian disguise conventions and customs were introduced by 90 outfits from everywhere the nation.


On Saturday morning, January 26th, my companions and I went to Pernik, to visit the well known celebration. We showed up in Pernik around 11 o’clock and when we got off the vehicle we heard a booming ringing. The sound was originating from the huge ringers (chanove), which were held tight the midsections of the mummers. We followed the sound and after five minutes we arrived at the focal strolling rear entryway where bushy animals with alarming covers, wearing goat hides were moving and bouncing around us. It was the first occasion when I have been on such a celebration and I was truly intrigued. The occasion was sorted out like a vivid parade through the focal roads of the town. At that point the legends bunches from the various pieces of Bulgaria introduced the customs, convention, tunes, moves and ensembles of their local area on the focal square. Hence the celebration transformed into a unique and one of a kind introduction of the social assortment in Bulgaria and abroad. The air of the fair immediately snatched me and I was cleared away by its hurricane. I was strolling close to the groups, watching their cover, ensembles, moves and steps.


Most likely a few people will find that the mummers’ games are non wonderful and even savage however they must be discourteous and essential. A portion of the outfits of the members were truly alarming, while others were interesting and abnormal. There were men dressed like ladies, with youthful canines, goats, pigs and fowls in their laps. Kids and men in bushy crude hides were hopping and jingling with their chimes like maniacs. They were by all accounts controlled by some soul, yet truly the homegrown wine is a devoted partner of these disguise customs. There were fables bunches from Greece, Italy, Serbia and Ireland, yet they looked more humanized and calm contrasted with our wild and frantic Kukeri and Survakari. Despite the fact that they were additionally extremely alluring.


The foundations of the disguise games in Bulgaria go back from the old occasions. Most presumably they are identified with the maenad blow-outs during the hours of the Dionysius fests. Later on the way of life on the Balkans wrecked and the traditions changed. Generally the mummers’ games are acted in the earliest reference point of the New Year. This is a richness custom which intends to frightening and clear away always the detestable spirits and the unusual sisters with the assistance of the uncommon enchantment moves and the terrifying veils and chimes, so the harvests for the following year will be rich. In the past just unmarried men were permitted to