Getting down to the best web hosting service provider may not be as difficult as you might have thought, but first, you need to figure out the type of hosting that you would need. There are two basic web hosting types you can go for, depending on the kind of website you want to operate, and these are shared hosting and dedicated hosting.

Shared hosting is a typical choice of those who want to operate a small business website with a limited budget. It’s decidedly cheaper since this means that you will be sharing hosts with several other users. Dedicated hosting on the other hand is costlier, but suitable when you have a more complex website requiring more space, maintenance work, and value added functionality.
Having decided on the type of web hosting, you can now start shopping around for the best web hosting service provider. Here are several things you need to be mindful of:

1. Control panel – all the best hosting companies out there have a user-friendly control panel, such that you can configure your setting and go about with your usual tasks without any trouble. With a good control panel, you wouldn’t need to have advanced technical and internet skills. Good options for a control panel are cPanel and DirectAdmin. Make sure that your web host offers either one, nothing else.

2. Customer or technical support – as a customer, you would surely be looking for a web host that provides efficient support, one that is available 24/7 and is able to respond to your problems at once. Many web hosts provide both phone support and live support. Others don’t provide contact information at all, in which case you should be concerned when you come across such web hosts.

3. Uptime percentage – the uptime percentage measures the time your website is on the World Wide Web. Apparently, it couldn’t be 100% of the time, but the closest the best web hosting company can guarantee you is 99.99%. 99.95% uptime is still good, while 99.00% is acceptable, but never go for a web host that cannot guarantee an uptime of at least 99%. Frequent downtimes are not good indications of a good company and you can turn off potential customers.

4. Price – during the early years of the internet, hosting prices were still very expensive that only big companies are able to afford having a website. The web hosting prices have considerably gone down now to as low as $12.00 a month. Some companies offer much lower rates, but then it’s possible to expect frequent downtimes, sluggishness and poor customer service when you choose the much cheaper alternatives.

It can be that you will not have the time to evaluate each and every web host you come across with. Why not look for reviews of web hosting companies, then? For sure, there are numerous third party review sites that offer detailed descriptions of features, including customer testimonials. Going over these reviews will help you arrive at a better decision.

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